Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop

Hi All!

I just got home from the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop. Wow, what a first-class program!  Well planned, well run, and the people–from speakers to presenters to attendees–were all amazing!  I’ve never been in the presence of so many accomplished people at one time.  It made me feel very small in comparison.

I discovered my passion for reading and writing late in life and am way behind everyone else in this world.  Frequently people speak of authors or books I’ve never read or sometimes never even heard of.  🙁  How can I catch up on a lifetime of passion I only discovered a couple years ago?  My only answer is to keep moving forward and never say I can’t do it.

Now, back to the conference.  I learned a lot over the past few days (besides the fact that I’m way behind the power curve), but one of the consistent messages was that writers HAVE to have a platform, whether we’re going the traditional publishing route and searching for an agent or planning to self publish.

How many writers out there hate the thought of platforming?  How about the mere word, platform?  Yeah, me too.  But, I have a renewed commitment to do better, starting right here. Blog, blog, blog.


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