2012 Antioch Writer’s Workshop

The 2012 Antioch Writer’s Workshop was a great experience and worth the time and money to attend. The speakers and instructors were established and well versed in their craft, but above that, were extremely approachable and encouraging. I recommend this workshop to all writers.Regardless of where you are in your writing journey, you’ll find this annual writing workshop helpful and worthwhile. You will come out the other side of the experience empowered, feeling like a true part of the writing community, and ready to put pen to paper. The following is a brief summary of my week. I’m happy to provide further details on any of the items below. Just ask.


For my three breakout sessions, I attended Brainstormingpresented by REBECCA MOREAN (Author of In the Dead of Winter, www.facebook.com/rebecca.morean), Interviewing/Research presented by JOANNE “JO” HUIST SMITH (Dayton Daily News Staff Writer), and Publishing presented by KATE GEISELMAN (www.kategeiselman.com). Jo Smith’s touching true-life accounts of the research and interviews she’s conducted throughout her career repeatedly brought me to tears—such compelling experiences.

Speaker/Instructor JOHN GROGAN (Author of Marley & Meand The Longest Trip Home, www.johngroganbooks.com) discussed the importance of having an internal journey that parallels your story’s physical journey. He also shared his belief system as a writer—read a lot, write everyday and, most importantly, live a life because, “The human experiences you have are what make up your writing.”

One hour sessions each day consisting of Fiction with HALLIE EPHRON (Author of Never Tell a Lie, www.hallieephron.com), Poetry with JEFF GUNDY (www.bluffton.edu/~gundyj) , Non-fiction with JERRY DANIELS, as well as a Professional Skills for Writers session that covered various useful topics such as How to Pitch, How to Polish Your Query, and Tips For Editing Your Own Work. I loved Hallie’s lively, frank presentations (complete with many excellent examples) and hope to see her back at the Antioch Writer’s Workshop in the future.

Antioch offered a plethora of gifted instructors for the afternoon workshops making it difficult to choose.  After much thought and research, I selected LINDA GERBER (author of Death by Bikini and Trance, www.lindagerber.com). The feedback I received from Linda and my talented classmates was priceless and served to really strengthen my work. Thanks to Linda, Ann Charles, Carolyn, Christine, Greta, Paul, Sandy, Tara, Tami and Teri!

CARRIE BEBRIS (Author of the Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mysteries, www.carriebebris.com) graciously provided valuable one-on-one feedback of my work as well as encouragement to keep my momentum moving forward. Thanks Carrie!

Antioch also provided the opportunity to present a face-to-face agent pitch, a first experience for me. I’ll tell you about that in a separate post.

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